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Home Repair Tips

When it comes to making home repairs, many homeowners put the carriage before the horse. They get out the hammer and nails and start their work without a solid plan in place. What might be worse is that many homeowners neglect problems with their home that can easily be fixed on their own but will require expensive repairs and services once the problems become more serious.

Home Repair Tips

Furnace Filter

Something that is often neglected, but a rather easy home repair fix that can be done by any homeowner is replacing the furnace filter on the home. Changing or replacing the filter will help extend the life of your furnace and make it operate much more efficiently. Your home will be hotter in the winter and cooler in the summer without putting too much stress on your furnace.

Outdoor Caulking

Caulking helps seal cracks on the exterior of homes to help prevent heat or energy loss and reduce your heating or electricity bill during the cold winter or hot summer. Surprisingly, caulk will break down and deteriorate within a year. Understanding how to properly caulk exposed cracks, and going around the home once a year and plugging up the holes can help save you quite a bit of money throughout the year.

Indoor Caulking

Once a year, go around to each of the bathrooms or areas of your home where you would expect water to be present and caulk the cracks and crevices of appropriate areas. This helps prevent mold and mildew, which can be a pain for anyone in your home or any guests that are allergic to mold.

Fix Leaky Faucets

If you have a leaky faucet in your home, and don’t want to spend more on your water bill, but also don’t want to hire an expensive plumber to fix the problem, it’s rather easy to do it yourself. Go to your local hardware store and ask a sales representative for their opinion. Tell them what you’re looking to accomplish and see if it’s something that you are capable of fixing on your own. They can point you to the tools you’ll need to fix leaky faucets, which have the instructions to help guide you through the process.

Clogged Drains

Drains in showers and sinks get clogged all the time and can be fixed without too much effort on your part. To start, take a cup of white vinegar and pour it down the drain once a week. This usually will take care of the problem before resorting to buying more expensive drain cleaning products that will most likely not have an improved effect.

Fixing a Squeaky Door Hinge

For everyone that deals with a squeaky door, cabinet door, or any hinge in their house, there’s an easy fix for that. Pop the hinge pin out and coat it in Vaseline or some other lubricant like WD-40. Reinsert the pins, and the squeaking should stop for at least a year. If you want to completely fix the issue, just get a new door hinge. Most cost less than $10 and will make the door look much nicer than it used to.

Bathroom Repairs

You don’t have to call your plumber or rely on them for fixing every repair that occurs in your bathroom. Often with a few handy tools and some basic knowledge of objects, you can perform the bathroom repairs yourself. You will not only save time and money but also avoid the damages caused by waiting for your plumber to show up. Sometimes doing small repairs on time prevents greater damages, which can be more expensive and time-consuming.

The following are some of the bathroom repairs that you can fix yourself following the DIY procedure.

1. Leakages

Leaking faucets are quite a common issue, and most of the time it indicates the need for washer replacement. Replacing the stem washer should rectify the leak in most cases. However, if it continues to leak even after washer replacement, then you will have to look into replacing your faucet.

2. Damaged Caulks

You can easily remove and replace the damaged caulks around the tub. Grout should not be used, and if it has been it would be better for you to replace it with caulk. Use caulks designed for tubs or showers.

3. Common Toilet Repairs

There are several common bathroom repairs related to toilets. These can be easily rectified by you. One of the most common issues is clogged toilets or improper flushing. To ensure proper flushing check all the connected parts in the flush tank and replace or reconnect properly to rectify the issue. Clogged toilets can be cleared with the help of plungers or augers. If both don’t work then, you might have to replace the toilet. Replacing broken or old toilet seats is another simple bathroom repair you can fix yourself.

4. Shower heads

You can clear clogged shower heads even without removing it. Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie it to the shower head for a night. This should do the trick. In case you want to replace your shower head, a vise grip, pipe wrench, and some Teflon tapes should help you complete this bathroom repair.


Always Follow the DIY Tips Step by Step

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Great Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home without Going Broke

Here are great tips to increase the value of your home without going broke.

Declutter Your Home

Take a thorough look around your house. Decide which items you can and cannot do without. Discard the items that are no longer in use or donate them. Clearing out unwanted articles can make space look larger. Also, while you are at it, do a bit of cleaning. Air out the carpet, wash the windows and change the curtains; nothing like cleaning to brighten up space.

Update Your Kitchen

This is one space in your home that can either make or break the deal. Consider replacing your worn-out kitchen cabinetry, update your appliances and those peeling walls can do with a fresh coat of paint. You don,t have to go out of your way to update your kitchen; simple fixes can also do the trick.

Buff the Bath

Your bath is the next important space in your house, only in the kitchen. You cannot afford to ignore it. If your bathroom is dingy, consider regrouting the tiles and replacing the chipped ones. If that does not do the trick, you can also invest in prefabricated tub or shower surround for a thorough cover-up. If nothing works, even simple things like a new toilet seat or pedestal sink can transform the look of your bathroom.

Spruce Up the Exterior

When the interior is getting the work of its life, how can we forget the exterior? Start with the backyard; mow the lawns, spruce up the plants, replace the rotting fence, and build a new shed. You do not necessarily have to go out of your way to beautify of your yard, as a little bit of creativity can go a long way. And don,t forget the curb, since it is probably the first thing any buyer will see when viewing a property.

Make Your House Secured

It does not matter whether your house has a fancy pool or a fully functional gym, but security does matter. Install a premium security system and spare no money here. The safety of your family is of utmost importance. A house that is fully secured against burglars on any day fetches higher prices than the one with loopholes.

Replace Windows

Replace old windows with stylish new ones, something that pops up the look of your home both from the outside and inside. There are tons of options available to suit every budget and specification. Make sure you pick something that blends well with the look of your home.

A little bit of creativity can go a long way in sprucing up the look of your home, without going overboard with regards to the budget.